General Information

We’re approximately

  • 2.5 hours from Seattle, Washington
  • 3 hours from Portland, Oregon
  • 1/2 hour south of the famous Olympic Peninsula and its rain forest

Our trails meander through 20 acres of wilderness north of park sites. Forest surrounds the park. The historic Artic, a friendly community pub for customers over 21 faces the highway at the south end of the park. You can enjoy the relaxing rural atmosphere of the Pacific Northwest.

Park entrance

Entrance to park


Pet Policy

We love our four-legged visitors as well, and there is no extra charge for their stay, we just ask that they follow a few rules while at the park.

  • Pets must be on a leash at all times when outside the rig, including your site.
  • Owners must clean up their pet’s “potties”.
  • No pets in the restrooms.
  • Do not tie pets outside your RV unless you are at the site.
  • Pets must not interfere with the peace and quiet of other guests at the park.

Roy and Ann Pearmain own and live on the park property.   They’re passing the management of the park to their son, David and his partner, Lisa.  Lisa manages the Artic Pub on the property.  They will be your new hosts.